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British Columbia Pipers' Association
Entering multiple competitors under one credit card payment
  • Click on Events on the main page
  • Click on the Register button for the competition
  • Enter the email address which is most appropriate as a point of contact between BCPA and you for any communications related to the competition. Enter the code in the picture and click Next
  • If your email is 'on record' in the system, you will be prompted to either populate the registration fields with your 'on record' details OR to start with a NEW registration profile.
    • If you are entering yourself in any events, you may find it convenient to use this feature by clicking Login, entering your password, and then clicking Login.
    • If you are entering only other individuals, you should choose to NOT populate the registration fields by going directly to the next step below.
  • Enter the first competitor's details and choice of events, then click the 'Add Guest' button near the bottom of the page
  • Repeat the previous step for all competitors you are entering
  • To complete the registration (including payment), click the Done button
  • You will see the details for the first competitor you entered and in the Guest List at the bottom the name of the second and subsequent competitors you entered. Click the Next button
  • Review for correctness the details for all competitors you entered, then click the 'Confirm and proceed with payment' button
  • Click the 'Pay Online' button
  • Complete the steps for credit card payment through PayPal
  • When the credit card payment is complete, click 'Return to The British Columbia Pipers' Association' link
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